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Just wanted to say thank you for such a fantasic add on for the TSC client. Keep up the good work.

Not sure if this is the right place but I guess feedback is useful when developing these kind of things.

One thing I think would be a nice to have, would be if you could have a tab as a group of sessions. I have groups of servers that I have to manage and catgorise them into Favorite groups. It would be nice if you could open the group of connections rather than having to keep going to favorites for each connection.

Dont know if you guys have seen OneNote 2007 but the way it organises a notebook into tabs (accross the top) then has 'pages' down the side is amazing and very logical.

The other option maybee would be to have something similar to IE7's Tab groups for the favorites ??

Comments please ?#-o
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I moved this topic to "Suggestions" which is probably a better place for feature requests. :-)

RD Tabs 2.0 will include an optional "IE7" style start-up favorite group and an "Open group of favorites" context menu item if you right-click on a favorite folder.

I'm not familiar with OneNote, but I do have it with my copy of Office, so I'll play with it and see how much work it would be to come up with an organizational structure like that. If it's something I can do, it will probably find its way into RD Tabs 3.0!

Thanks for the suggestion!
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Basically, this means adding an additional level in the organizational hierarchie. How about replacing tabs at the top and the next level of hierarchie with just one tree at the side where sessions can be placed jsut anywhere in this tree? Maybe for simple trees with only one level the tree could still be representend at tabs at the top, but if you start adding a list at the side like OneNote does, why not go for a tree?
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Well, tabs are never going away, that's for sure. And using a tree with your favorite connections isn't much different from Microsoft's Remote Desktop MMC. I like the OneNote idea and although, yes, it's just another layer of abstraction, there is something very intuitive about it. You get basically a "grid" of pages clicking along the left and along the top. It may seem pretty simple, but there's something so natural about it. Not sure why it feels that way. I'm thinking it may be an appropriate idea for RD Tabs 3.0, but I'm not 100% sold yet. I'm not sure what it would take to add that feature. I may also implement an organization tree too. Too early to tell. I need to think on it and see what feels right. Until then, enjoy the upcoming split-screen, detached sessions, and multiple panel goodness of RD Tabs 2.0 (should be out by July/August, I think). Split screen is good. I'm loving it in the alpha dev versions. =d{
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