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New Posts RD Tabs 3.0.6 taking a long time to connect to desktops61,076
RD Tabs 3.0.6 taking a long time to connect to desktops

New Posts Password didn't get import?4701
Having issue import password

New Posts RD Tabs fails to open2608

New Posts Session Terminated Unexpectedly21,095
Unknown disconnection code: 3334

New Posts export RDP files0497
export RDP files
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New Posts Unexpected Error01,203
Opening RD Tabs get unexpected error

New Posts Error when connecting0329
The type initializer for 'RDPProp.KeyModule' threw an exception.
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New Posts Export to excel2353
How do you export to exel, save the copy then import back to rdtabs

New Posts Use a remote microphone during an RDP Session?1432
How can I use a microphone in my RD Tabs client that will send audio to the RD server?
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