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The tabs bar at the top is designed in such a way that when you open too many connections to fit across the top bar, then you need to use the mouse wheel or scroll arrows to move back and forth so you can see all your open favorites. That's all fine, but here's the funny thing.

It seems like when I scroll all the way to the right, then disconnect from a few sessions from the right side of the bar, the tabs bar does not resize back to the size of the screen until I scroll all the way left again. It would look more seamless if when I closed a connection at the end of the bar, it resized and re-fit all the tabs across the top again.

It doesn't cause any problem, it just looks funny to me. Hope that makes enough sense so you can reproduce it.

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Yes, that is a current known limitation. It does not autoscroll when tabs are closed. It also does not autoscroll when the title of a tab changes length ("New Connection" is longer than "DC1" for example, but after the title changes, there will be blank space on the right).

I kept meaning to add some code in to watch for those situations. I really need to do that. 🙂 Maybe I can squeeze that into 2.2!
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